Thanks to all that attended the First Annual Cleveland Truly Independent Film Festival. We saw some truly amazing films by local directors, starring local actors. Stay tuned to hear the results of the Audience Favorite Awards for Best Direction, Acting and Film.
You probably haven’t seen too many locally produced films at any of the Cleveland-based film festivals but hey, it’s cool, it’s their priority to scout what’s big at Cannes, SxSW, and Sundance and bring it here. It’s also cool because that’s what we’re here for, we don’t play by anyone’s rules, and we have CINEMA Cleveland and the Cleveland Institute of Art backing us up.

If  you’re already aware of the fact that Cleveland has far more talent in  all aspects of filmmaking than given credit for, you’ll leave this event  with this opinion merely re-confirmed. But if you’re one of the many  that hasn’t had the opportunity to see what our fair city has to offer,  you WILL leave this inspired and impressed at the quality and level of  films being made here, on small or non-existing budgets, without the  support of the Hollywood Studio machine.
Despite  this, you’re still going to be moved. From drama to comedy to silent,  black& white, or color, these are films made my folks compelled to  make them because they feel they must.
It’s a calling and demand to express. Join us.
Click on the movie posters for more information about the films.